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Pleasanton Independent School District provides bus transportation to and from school as a courtesy service for eligible students residing in the District. 

The State of Texas prescribes the conditions governing school bus operations and partially funds the service by allotting the District a given amount for eligible students transported.

Eligible students are defined by State statute as those residing in the district two or more miles from the school they should attend, as measured by the nearest practical route. The nearest practical route is the nearest traveled road which may or may not be the road used by the school bus. Address Eligibility is continually audited year round. When an address is found to be ineligible, notification will be made as soon as possible with a grace period allowed for parents to locate alternate means of transportation.

In order to meet the conditions outlined by the State and provide safe, prompt movement of eligible students the district has adopted standard regulations and procedures and has provided restrictive measures for violation of rules. They are herein outlined for your information and the guidance of your child.

The District is pleased to provide transportation for its eligible students and solicits your assistance in helping create a safe, healthy operation. You may do so by reading the enclosed material and sharing it with your child.

We ask for your cooperation with school personnel in developing proper behavior patterns for those who ride buses.

The District reserves the right to video tape student behavior while on district transportation in order to maintain the safety of all passengers.

During the first two weeks of school, please do not make any changes to your child’s bus route/routine. This will help provide a smooth route pattern for all students. 

If you have any concerns about school bus safety, please feel free to call Lisa Barnhouse, Transportation Director, or the Transportation Office at (830)569-1365.

Transportation Photo

Transportation Photo

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