College & Career Readiness

Preparing for life beyond high school graduation involves students, parents, staff, and community working together.  It takes teamwork to ensure students have an appropriate plan for their high school education and beyond.  These individual plans include core coursework, trainings and certifications, career pathways,  an appreciation for the arts, and healthy lifestyles.

Pleasanton High School is focused on post graduate preparation that provides students a diverse and rigorous academic foundation.  One with an appreciation for innovation, is individuality and creativity designed, includes focus on planning for futures, and preparedness for leadership and individual success as young adults.  

The following activities support College and Career Readiness at Pleasanton ISD.

  • Foundation/ rigorous academic curriculum/focused elective programs of study

  • Foundation/ employment skills and requirements through Career Prep training

  • Career exploration process/Career planning programs

  • Ongoing Individual and group Guidance and Counseling Services including career inventories/assessments, application and resume training/completion of 4-6 year graduation plans

  • Senior individual counseling/focus and develop Senior post graduate plans

  • Regularly scheduled college and military entrance exams

  • On site tutoring for ACT/SAT/TSI testing

  • College opportunities through University and community college fair, individual college recruiters, college applications, scholarships, parent information events, financial aid information, FAFSA/pin # training, SAT/ACT prep

  • Employment/internship opportunities through Career Fair, Career Prep, Career and Technical Education Programs, employment and military recruiters.

  • State-,  National-, and Internationally-recognized business or industry certification and licenses offered.

The photos above are examples of some of the certifications students at Pleasanton High School have the opportunity to earn.

Visit the Pleasanton High School Guidance and Counseling Website for more information and campus specific resources.

Other questions may be sent emailed to Erica Bernal, Director of CTE/CCMR.