Special Education

One Vision, One Voice, One Mission

Pleasanton ISD welcomes our new Director of Special Education, Janis Nott. Please click the link below to read her welcome letter.

Greetings from Janis Nott

Our Beliefs

  • All special needs students are general education students first.

  • With the proper support and opportunities, every student can learn and succeed.

  • Learning differences and disabilities are to be respected.

  • Collaboration between special education and general education is imperative.

  • A full continuum of services is assured for all special needs students.

  • Quality educators hold high expectations and have a growth mindset for all special needs students.

  • All special education services should aim to minimize the impact of a disability while maximizing opportunities for students to participate in the general curriculum.

  • Communication, collaboration, and cooperation are essential to the provision of quality services for special needs students.

  • Involving students with special needs in decisions affecting their education is empowering – fueling self-efficacy and the ability to successfully transition into higher education and/or employment.

  • Parents of students with disabilities are collaborative partners that work with the school to ensure the success of their children.

Our Goals

  • Instruction will be differentiated and enhanced through universal design and instructional technology in order to meet the needs of every student.

  • Robust systems will be put in place to frequently monitor student growth, combined with clear processes and procedures for adjusting services when needed.

  • Goals will be clearly communicated to parents and the community.

  • Response to Intervention will be used as a best practice of early and effective interventions.

  • Strong supports will be in place for critical transition points so students with special needs are better equipped to transition from grade to grade, level to level and from school to community.

  • Differentiated professional development opportunities will be implemented that are tailored to each educator’s specific needs.

Pleasanton ISD Special Education Services

The Special Education office supports students with disabilities in gaining college and career readiness, and independent living skills through active engagement in grade level curriculum. 

The Admission/Review/Dismissal (ARD) process is followed to determine which services a student needs.  This is a collaborative process that includes parents, teachers, administrators, assessment of staff, and other relevant staff based on student needs.  The services to be provided are outlined through the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Every child with a disability in Texas, from age three through twenty-one as of September 1 of the current school year, has the right to a free appropriate public education.  Students with visual or hearing disabilities have the right to a free appropriate public education from birth.  If you know of a child that needs assistance, contact your local school or the Special Programs Office of Pleasanton ISD at 831 Stadium Drive, Pleasanton, TX  78064, (830) 569-1200.

Director of Special Education
Janis Nott
Phone 830-569-1204