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Please forward all required information to: Email Booster Club

If you have not provided your Booster Club Officials' names and e-mail addresses, please forward by July (every year) to Email Booster Club

Reporting Requirements

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UIL - Booster Club Guidelines

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Booster Club Requirements

OBHT Booster Guidelines (Attorney General; Texas Occupations Code)

TASB - Common Booster Questions

Attorney General - Raffles
Texas rules on raffles for Boosters are referenced.  Students cannot sell booster raffle tickets (school district raffles are not allowed).  No cash raffles are allowed for Boosters or School Districts (or any organization in Texas).



Additional Information

Collection of Funds:  PISD does not allow for teachers/coaches to collect funds on behalf of the Booster Clubs.  We disallow this to maintain, in both fact and appearance, the segregation between the District and the 501(c)3 entity.  We require that volunteers of the entities set days and times to be on campus to collect money on behalf of their organization.

Individual Accounts: In the past, it has been customary for booster clubs and other supporting organizations to credit "individual" student accounts based on a parent's participation in fundraising events.  The credit was based on a proportionate share of what they "earned" during the fundraiser.  This practice jeopardizes an organization's tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt organizations must benefit a group as a whole instead of benefiting individual members of a group.  Booster clubs may not maintain individual accounts that are earmarked for a particular individual.

Fundraising Participation Quotas: Booster clubs cannot require a member to participate in fundraising activities.  Members cannot be required to sell or raise a certain amount.  Both of these practices may jeopardize an organization's tax-exempt status with the IRS.

Bank Accounts

Money Handling Procedures

Examples: Tax included sales calculation.

Booster Annual Federal Filing Requirements

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