Child Find

All school districts served by the Atascosa-McMullen Cooperative are committed to Reaching and Teaching All Children With Disabilities. 

In order to serve the diverse needs of the student population, all districts within the Atascosa-McMullen Cooperative have developed special education programs and special services to address the instructional needs of its students:

*All school age children are guaranteed the right to a free and appropriate public education.

*All programs or services offered in the district are open to students with disabilities if the programs are deemed appropriate for those students.

*The Atascosa-McMullen Cooperative will arrange for an evaluation of any child who is suspected of needing special education and related services (IDEA).

*Special education students who are determined to be eligible under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) are provided individually planned programs designed to meet their needs.

*Each school district has a Section 504 plan for students whom a committee has determined that the student has, or has a record of having, or is regarded as having a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, are provided individually planned programs designed to meet their needs.

Should you have or know of a school age child who needs services under special education services or under Section 504, please contact the school district in which the student resides or contact the Atascosa-McMullen Cooperative located at 1080 Bluebonnet Drive in Pleasanton, Texas or by phone at (830) 569-1355 for information or assistance.