Counseling and Student Services

Jennifer Cobb

Counselor, A-L
Office: (830) 569-1345

Gabriella Alvarez

Counselor, M-Z
Office: (830) 569-1340 ext. 1917

Delia Rodriguez

Social Worker
Office: (830) 569-1343

What wonderful opportunities our students have at Pleasanton Elementary!

Our counseling services go beyond the office and into classrooms and occasionally even to homes! 

  • Crew Meetings - small group sessions to build personal skills like responsibility, respect, self esteem and more.

  • Intern Connection - a mentor program the invites community members as well as district employees to participate in an opportunity to befriend and support a young person on our campus.

  • Classroom Lessons - visits by the counselors to individual classrooms for discussion and activities related to current issues and events.

  • Personal counseling - individual counseling for students dealing with issues ranging from a death in the family to other personal struggles.

  • Awards and incentives- for good attendance, good grades, and good behavior!  We love to catch our students being amazing and show them through special privileges, activities, and awards.

There is a lot happening on our dynamic campus.  If you have a need or would like to participate in one of our programs that support children, please feel free to contact our office.  It is through the efforts of family, school, and community that we can best encourage and enrich the lives of our young people.