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Transition Planning is a process that should help ensure happiness, success, and satisfaction after high school and onto further work, future education, and adulthood.



- My interest is in the future; as I'm going to be spending the rest of my life there.

                                                                                           Charles Kettering



As transition designees, we are here to help you prepare for your successful journey after high school.  Our job is to assist you, and provide you with information about career requirements, work opportunities, college/further education/training opportunities, and local/state support service agencies. 

We have created a link, called “symbaloo”.  Click on that symbaloo link, and make sure to click on “add this webmix”, so you can view all of the available tiles/links.  Each colored tile will lead you to a website with valuable information regarding transition.  Contact our team via phone, 830-569-1355, or email with any additional questions you may have, during the business hours of 7:30-4:00!  After hours, you can go directly to our voicemail by dialing 830-569-1200, and inputting our extensions.  We look forward to helping you with a smooth transition!


Sandra McAda (K-8th)  


Leslie Dowdy (9-12th)    


Maggie Robertson (AU, ID, LS 6th-12th) 


Junior High Transition Information Sheet

High School Dream Sheet (Transition Information Sheet)    

Functional Ability and Employability Profile   

VAC Pre-Assessment 



Texas Transition and Employment Guide