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Continuum of Educational Services

Gifted Education Services may include enriched academic experiences, acceleration, and appropriate modifications and accommodations in the General Education environment

General Education including services for Homeschool/Private School

*General education with periodic monitoring from a special education
*General education with daily support from a special education
   provider within the general education classroom
*General education with special education services and supports
   included in that setting which are aligned with the general curriculum
   (utilizing such strategies as flexible groupings, GCS/CM, 
   cooperative   learning, peer tutoring, parallel instruction, co-  
   teaching, inclusion supports, paraprofessional shadowing)
*General education with special education services provided for part
   of the day in self-contained/pull-out special education setting   
   (Resource, Speech, Related Services, etc.)
*Self-Contained Classroom > 50% of the school day
*Special day school (Rural Day School for Deaf-TSD-TSBVI-Sunshine 
*Residential treatment facility
* Hospital
*Detention facility
* Homebound