Pleasanton Eagle Jazz Band

The group had twelve members make it to the All State Jazz auditions.
Eighteen members made the ATSSB Region 11 Jazz band. They were:

Alto Sax: Robert Rutherford, 1 st chair, 1st band; Julia Avery, 1st chair second band and Zoe Castillo, 2nd chair, 2nd band.
Tenor Sax: Victoria Huron, 1st chair, first band
Baritone Sax: Selena Morley, 1st chair, first band
Trumpet: Samuel Garcia-Rodriguez, 1st chair, first band; Jozlyn Burrell, 2nd chair, first band; Kainen Burrell, 3rd chair, 1st band; Samantha Gonzales, 4th chair, 1st band and Bryce Benavides 5th chair, first band
Trombone: Chase Troell, 1st chair, 1st band; Daniel Minniear, 2nd chair, first band and Travis Minniear, 3rd chair, first band
Bass Trombone: Felix Gutierrez, 1st chair, 1st band
Piano: Elaine Unger, 1st chair, 1st band
Bass Guitar: Evelyn Martinez, 1st chair, first band and Krystn Leal, 1st chair, 2nd band
Drum: MacKenzie Horton, 2nd chair, first band

The group had twelve members record for the all state auditions: Robert Rutherford, Victoria Huron, Selena Morley, Samuel Garica-Rodriguez, Jozlyn Burrell, Kainen Burrell, Chase Troel, Daniel Minniear, Travis Minniear, Felix Gutierrez, Elaine Unger, Evelyn Martinez, and MacKenzie Horton.
The group will present a concert on November 5. The time and place will be announced at a later date. Mr. Unger, the jazz band director, was very impressed with the number making the group and the quality of their playing. Mr. Unger said ,”This is the most Pleasanton has ever had make the region group and record for state. I am very proud of everything the students have done and the desire they have shown to be outstanding.”