Pleasanton Independent School District

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About PISD

Pleasanton ISD is destined to be a lighthouse district for Texas. We are a community of learners – teachers, students, parents, and community partners – all committed to continuously improving the quality of learning and living in Pleasanton.
Beginning with Pleasanton Primary campus (PreK-1) solely devoted to early development of foundation skills and a joy in learning, PISD prides itself in assuring a setting unique to the needs of a diverse student population. The emphasis is on mastery of foundational literacy and numerical competency, broad social and experiential sciences understandings, and self-management skills.  Students move into a dynamic Pleasanton Elementary (2nd- 4th) and Pleasanton Intermediate (5th-6th) school experiences with full support of their academic, social, emotional, and physical development. A walk through these campuses reflects students engaged in the excitement of learning with a feeling of physical and emotional safety and encouragement. Parents are welcome members of each campus as volunteers, tutors, and ‘cheer’ leaders for the daily work of student and staff.
The transition to Pleasanton Junior High (grades 7-8) allows for a comfortable shift to ever more challenging courses of study in core concepts (reading, writing, social studies, and science) with expanded opportunities in areas of interest such as athletics, fine arts, second languages, and career exploration. Programs are provided which specifically target the early teen years, with a focus on bully-free schools, social connections, and individual strengthening of self-concept.
Pleasanton High School is committed to guiding students in identifying pathways of learning to support individual graduation into successful post-graduate careers and/or college experiences. With a goal of creating an environment that assists students in becoming independent learners and self-confident young adults, PHS is committing to a promise for all students to meet with academic and social success. An emphasis is placed advancing core coursework study in an application environment, with fully articulated learning in career pathways, healthy lifestyles, and fine arts engagement.
Areas of endorsement are aligned to study in Business/Technology, Health and Human Services, and Energy Resources and Management.  Additionally, solid STEM, social and research sciences, and fine arts paths of study are provided.
A Pleasanton ISD graduate will be a respected and coveted title that represents a young adult capable of self-sufficiency, good citizenry, lifelong appreciation for physical health and arts engagement, and academic preparedness. Our goal is for the Pleasanton ISD experience to result in exemplary post-graduate lives with full career and college options!  (see individual school websites for more detail)