Pleasanton Independent School District

Do you have great photos of Jr. High sporting events, clubs, band, cheerleading, drama, etc.?

 Download the FREE Replayit App and share your pictures with Josten’s yearbook planner. Guarantee your spot in the 2016-2017 Jr. High yearbook with this amazing app!
Capture as many memories as you can and share them today!
Instructions for download
1. From the App Store or Google Play download ReplayIt and launch.
2. To get started, find your school name. Click on it.
3. Connect with Facebook or create an account.
4. Stream lists all photos already on ReplayIt. To add, click the tab to add from your phone library or to take a new photo.
5. Select Category, tag the photo and add names of the people on the photograph. Click upload.
6. After getting approved, the image can be shared on social media and liked.